September 09-11 2016 @ Tennis Courts „Bernd Schelling“ in Cologne


„Advantage Pride“ was the theme when the Gay Open Cologne held its debut in 2012. The tournement is enterily organised and carried out by volunteers. A combination  of amateur and tournament players is aiming to make this event become a constant part of gay and lesbian tennis in Germany and Europe in the following years. In 2013 we proudly became a member of the GLTA-Tour (www.glta.net) within which points can be scored in the different ratings and catagoeries. Tennis and Cologne are once again well worth visiting.

At the tennis facility “Bernd Schelling” in Köln-Rodenkirchen the contestants will compete on eight courts from September 09th until September 11th. One of the most prestigious complexes in Cologne, directly by the river Rhine, will be the hosting location of our tournement, which includes the categories “singles” and “doubles” and levels Open, A, B, C and D. Heterosexual tennis players are more than welcome to swing their rackets with us.

Guests, Fans and interested spectators are welcome to visit the tennis complex and to watch all the games of the tournament free of charge. We especially ask for creative and committed cheering at the side of the courts.


Oliver Schubert c/o Schwule und lesbische Selbsthilfe e.V.
Lindenstraße 20
50674 Köln